• Doodle for us!

    Help us make letters cool again, and earn $10 per card

  • Enrollment Process

    No commitment needed

    Fill out out form

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    Show us your work, portfolio etc - and tell us a bit about yourself! We are looking for long term Doodlers and welcome a diverse set of art forms. We'll send you an email if you've been added our Doodler roster.

    Start receiving requests

    Keep and eye out - we'll shoot you an email when there's a request.

    For each order you will receive an email with details about what the customer wants for their card. Let us know if you accept the request, and can finalize the doodle in the requested timeframe.

    Earn $10 for Each Card

    sent via PayPal

    We know that art is priceless - our current offer is for small Doodles, in order to allow for an affordable entry point to anyone who wants to express their love over letters. In the future, we'll open up opportunities for higher priced requests.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are customers buying?

    Our customers are paying for a paper card, hand drawn (not printed) and delivered to the mailing address they specify. You can use pencil drawing, markers, watercolors or any other medium, as long as the final piece will be the original drawing on a physical card mailed in an envelope to a mailing address.

    2. Which size for the card? And for the envelope?

    We don't have strict guidelines for the paper type and size of the card, however we would like the cards to be around the size of a folded A4 sheet. By folding an A4 in half there will be a cover with the illustration outside and by opening it there will be room for a message inside the card. A card of this size should fit in regular envelopes that are about 4'' x 5.5''.

    3. Who provides envelope and paper?

    You. We currently don't provide paper or envelopes, you can draw and mail your card using any kind of paper / envelope you like.

    4. How does the shipping cost work?

    When the recipient's mailing address is in the United States, the envelope will just need a regular stamp ("Forever Stamp"). In these cases the cost of the regular stamp will be on you. We will refund mailing expenses only for special mailing requests from commissioners (i.e. international, priority mailing, etc.). Just let us know how much it was and we will add it to your payment.

    5. When do I get paid?

    After you send us a photo of the final version of the card confirming that it has been mailed, we will send the payment.

    6. Are these strict guidelines?

    Not at all. We are just starting and we want to hear from you and improve along the way. Nothing is automated on Send A Doodle and we answer to your emails personally every time. If you have a question, a problem or want to share your feedback, please contact us directly at team@sendadoodle.com.