• Best friends

    This is for my friend who said he’d love a picture of him and his family dog walking into the sunset. He’s wearing a solid color t-shirt and cuffed jeans. He also wears glasses. My friend is 5’9. The dog is off leash and they are looking at each other slightly. The dog is a Bedlington terrier (picture attached), has a long tail and is about 20 lbs but doesn’t have the silly haircut.



  • Valentine's Day

    I want to gift to my girlfriend a great mood on St. Valentine day. She always says that she want to be a dog, sleep all day, eat and do nothing. I think we can work with this idea for start =)​



  • Thanking for a Favor

    I want to send a card to my friend asking if I can borrow his Volkswagen Van for the weekend. I went with him when he purchased the van, this is a photo of us on that day.



  • Long Distance Relationship

    Recipient is my boyfriend and I just want to send this to him for fun.


    I want a picture of the two of us. Him wearing a white pharmacist doctor coat with a W for Walgreens on it, and me wearing a big black hat as a fashion blogger. I'm from Washington and he's from Mississippi so I want that to also be incorporated. I could be waving to him across a map? Open to other ideas as well.



  • Anniversaries

    The doodle will be an illustration of me and my girlfriend's first date. We cooked fried rice together. The ingredients included are - eggs, spam, rice, onions, and garlic. Somewhere on the letter, could you also add a text that says "4 years ago..."? Thank you so much!



  • Spouse Appreciation

    This recipient is my wife and busy mother of 3 young children and I want to send her a better late than never Valentine.


    Busy soccer, karate lesson, basketball, school volunteer, mom duties are exhausting and we all thank and love her!



  • Engagements

    The recipient is my friend(girl) who just got engaged!


    I would like both of them in the picture sitting on the giant engagement ring, eating McDonalds ice cream cones (their first date) and she's holding her cat (picture included). Is it possible to have a Dubai skyline in the background on the girl side and a UK skyline in the background on the boys side?



  • Trip Memories

    The recipient is my girlfriend. I would like to see two lovers , hand by hand walking down the beach (Santa Monica for example, we went to LA last year it was wonderful) . Casual clothes for both of us. At sunset​



  • Inside Jokes

    This card is for my girlfriend, Whitney, and I want to give her a funny caricature of her and I. Something that has her and I running away from a deer or river otter while expressing our love for each other.



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